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Deadbolt locks increase the safety of your home by making it more difficult for unwanted visitors to make their way inside. Local locksmiths can get the deadbolts installed in your house and help make it a safer place to live.

Your home is not only your castle, but also a place where you should feel safe. So, to help protect your family and belongings, a Auto Locksmith San Francisco can install a deadbolt lock. Deadbolt locks are stronger, more durable and less easy to pick compared to other types of locks used on residential doors. Consider these three benefits of having deadbolt locks in your home.

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According to the FBI’s statistics the highest percentage of the burglaries happen via a forced entry. If you have a deadbolts installed, it will make you door more secure. Thus, the deadbolts are stronger than the normal locks and provide a better level of protection from the break-in. A locksmith can install deadbolt locks on all of the exterior doors of your home for additional protection.

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Tumbler locks are notoriously easy to pick with just a few simple tools. This kind of a lock may leave your home unprotected. Hence, a deadbolt lock with a long steel bolt is next to impossible to pick. So, when the deadbolt fully extends into the doorjamb hole and a metal strike plate is used, the average criminal will not be able to break in through the door. So, for additional protection, avoid doors with any glass or adjacent windows.

Having a locksmith to install deadbolt locks into your home may help to lower your annual homeowner’s insurance premiums. Because deadbolts reduce your home’s likelihood of burglary, that lowered risk reduces your premiums. Also, when a deadbolt is used as a part of a whole home safety and security system, including window locks, fence locks and a monitoring service, you may be able to lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance by a significant amount.

So, the next time you need deadbolts installed, contact Auto Locksmith San Francisco today.

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