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Electronic Lock. The first key also operate lock was invent in ancient Egypt. about 2000 B.C. as it consists of a large wooden bolt that was fasten to the outside of a gate. Pegs called pins were insert into the holes and prevented it from being move. A key raised the pins so the bolt could be move thus opening the gate. Later locks were develop according to three basic principles. The ward principle, the lever principle and the pin-tumbler principle. The ancient Romans invent the ward principle. The key had to pas a series of wards (obstacles) to unlock the bolt Electronic Lock.

Electronic Lock

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Ward locks were the most use until the mid-1800, and some are still use today. As the lever principle was develop in the late 1700’s. Lever locks have one or, more levers in their mechanism. The lever must be raise to a specific height before the bolt can be remove. Only the correct key can raise the levers to the height need. The modern pin-tumbler lock was also invent in 1865 by an American locksmith name Linus Yale, Jr. . it was base on the principle similar to that of the ancient Egyptian lock. So, the pin-tumbler lock is one of the most secure key-operate locks ever invent. It was also was the first lock to be mass-produce.

Electronic locks are of three basic types. So, these are card or key systems. electronic combination locks and biometric entry systems. Card/key systems are the most use electronic lock systems. As a key card is a flat rectangular piece of plastic like in dimensions to a credit card or driver’s license. There are several types of key cards. Some of these are hole cards, barcodes and magnetic stripe. As the hole card is not use now-a-days. The magnetic stripe cards are the most use key cards.

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Electronic combination locks or keypads as they are more known. use an electromagnet mounted in the door and the bolt mounted in the wall. So, when the door is ‘locked’ the electromagnet is activate and it holds fast to the bolt, thus locking the door. These locks must a numerical combination (key) to unlock them. A drawback of this technology is that person intent on entry can determine. the key by viewing a couple of successful entries. or trying different combinations of the worn out keys. This can be overcome by improved keypad technology. or by incorporating a bio metric element into the sequence.

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Bio metrics is study of human characteristics like fingerprints, retinas. irises and voice for unique and distinct patterns for the purposes of authentication. bio metric systems were use only when a high security situation was involve. Mainly government bodies. and large corporations used bio metric technology due to the costs involved. As time has gone by. the technology has improved and become cheaper its applications have increased. Bio metrics are now becoming increasingly common in corporate security systems and consumer electronics. For example laptops come equipped with fingerprint scanners and the traditional wall. As safes are also equip with a combination of keypad, fingerprint and voice locks.
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