So what exactly is Re-Keying and what does it mean to you? Re-Keying is the process where the lock code and keys are change. How To Key A Lock, First, the new code is generate and the combination pins in the lock are change to match the new code. Second, new keys are cut to match the new code and enable the operation of the lock. Third, the new code is register to the end user.

How To Key A Lock. Not all locks are re-key able. Some are just too inexpensive to be cost effective; others are just not capable of the re-key process. As most “High Security” locks are capable of the process and in fact re-keying will cost about 30% of the price of a new high security lock.

Here are some reasons to consider Re-Keying:

  • Lost, stolen or misplace keys
  • Moving into a new house or commercial business
  • Loss of key control
  • Expanding the locking system
  • Have more people that need keys then the available keys
  • Want to make sure you have a secure system and control of your keys
  • You what to go from a “Key Alike” system to a “Master” system

The type of lock will determine how this process actually works. If you have cam locks or padlocks you would send those to a Lock Service Center. There the locks would be re-key to your specifications and new keys would be cut. Like, as if you have multiple locks and can’t send them in, then you could order a few new locks then also do an exchange program where the locks you send in would be re-key to the new locks that you start the process with.

How To Key A Lock?

When re-keying door locks, again it depends on the type of lock cylinder. If it is a SFIC (small format interchangeable core) cylinder it can be remove from the door lock and sent in to a Lock Service Center to undergo the same process as outline above for cam locks and padlocks. If the cylinder is permanent then you must call out as a locksmith who will be able to re-key the lock and cut the new keys while he is at your home or facility.

So, How To Key A Lock? As stat earlier Re-Keying is a way to save money over the cost of new replacement locks. It is also a perfect way to gain back key control. As key control knows how many cut keys you have and where they are at all times.

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