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Ignition Replacement Mill Valley CA. Electrical starting problems often occur with many cars. While there are often many sources to the problems of starting. one of the most common is the failure of the electrical starter switch within the steering column. This switch is connect to the tumbler and is responsible for powering the relay that drives the starter solenoid. After many years of turning the key, this electrical switch often fails.

The first step in repairing this switch is to isolate the problem, and confirm that it is the switch. Sometimes, this is not always an easy task. The primary symptom of a faulty and broken ignition switch is that the car’s electrical system operates when you turn the key, but the car will not start. Occasionally, you get variations on this problem. For instance, the car may start, but the headlamps flick on and off as you wiggle the key. Sometimes the car won’t start until you apply a great amount of force to the key. Note that continuing to do this will most likely damage the lock cylinder or your key.

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After you’ve determined that you have a problem starting the car, you should check to make sure that your starter is functioning well. Wire a lead from the positive terminal of the battery. With the car in neutral, or on stands, connect the wire to the starter solenoid. The starter should turn over. Please make sure that you have the car in neutral, or you will lurch the car forward, and possibly injure yourself. Next, check the large starter relay that is locate underneath the passenger seat. The relay is the bigger box of the two the smaller one is the very annoying buzzer. This relay is find on the later cars, and is part of the seat belt fastening system.

If the wires to this relay are damage, or they are disconnect, then the car will not start. This is part of the seat belt safety system that someone decided would be an intelligent idea. The idea was to have pressure sensors that were locate in the seats. If there was someone sitting in the seat without their seat belt fastened, then the car would not start. This system was also connected to the annoying buzzer which went off when you opened the door.

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The relay and the buzzer sit underneath the passenger seat, in an area that is often filled with water, especially if the roof leaks. This water can cause the relay and its connections to corrode, resulting in a car that will not start. The solution is to bypass the seat belt relay. To do this, unplug the seats and the belts from the harness. Then take the two large yellow wires going into the relay and wire them together. This will bypass the entire system, and you will be able to start the car.

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Need Ignition Replacement Mill Valley CA? Call Us (415) 943-3009

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