Chrysler ignitions before year 2008 are mechanical pin ignitions, containing small springs and pins. These components weaken over time because they get pressed and depressed in and out with the key. Many times under different temperatures and humidity conditions. One of the common elements is fatigue.

These parts were meant to break simply because every type of metal composite material weakens over time. Some last over a period of 10 years and function well and some fail to operate after about 4-5 years due to poor maintenance. It does however depend on how you operate your ignition, some drivers are aggressive with their cars. Some drivers have a “romance” with their vehicle. So they are simply gentle.

Chrysler’s history of innovations!

Chrysler motors are pretty awesome with their inventions and innovations, for example they were one of the first to use electronic fuel injection in their cars back in 1957 called “ElectroJector” for their Chrysler 300D, Dodge D-500 and more which was later replaced with a catalytic converter.

They were the first to penetrate the minivan market back in the 70s and the 80s and that’s what actually saved them from bankruptcy. Models like the Grand Voyager and their best ever made model the Grand Caravan generations were the best sellers generation after generation. There are six Chrysler Minivan generations. Which also gave birth to the Dodge Grand Caravan series from the early 2000’s and up until this year 2017. Dodge is always the star of the commercial world. I myself drive it, lots of power!

The ignition:

2008 Chrysler models and on have replaced its mechanical ignition to an electronic ignition key system mounted into the dash. Instead of the typical steering column systems. The new ignition got plenty of attention in 2014 when more complaints started to arrive about faulty ignitions then Chrysler decided to replace the ignitions and not repair them. 2016 and 2017 models don’t have any major report on its ignition yet. Although I did hear about some transmission issues and the new engine 3.6 engine issues lately but no major recalls.

The new ignition system works pretty well, your key is a specially designed remote which acts as a fob key which slides into the ignition slot. Basically like a toy, this remote clips into the ignition and easily switches the ignition on. The 2017 Chrysler ignitions are still the same and new remotes come with plenty of features like 7 button remotes with automatic sliding door control, trunk and remote start. Overall the improvements are great except the remotes tend to wear out quick.

Technical of a Chrysler ignition:

All major Chrysler brands (Dodge, Jeep, RAM and more) have the same ignition system. Old Chrysler ignitions operate like a typical lock mechanism by sliding the key into the ignition you are compressing the pins to line up on the sheer line according to the key pattern. Then as you wish to turn the ignition, the “side bar” needs to be pressed as well. This sidebar is similar to many US ignitions including GM.

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