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An ignition lock assembly can fail from constant use or broken keys inside the tumbler. To replace it, all you need are some tools and a new cylinder. When a driver wishes to start their car, it’s as simple as inserting a key and turning it forward. Yet, from time to time, the ignition lock assembly or small parts inside. This device can complicate the situation. The ignition lock assembly is a tumbler and key mechanism. Ignition Replacement San Carlos CA. That is use to trigger power supply to auxiliary components. And engage the starter motor to begin the ignition process.

Usually the ignition lock assembly never has any problems. The part itself is design to last the life of the vehicle. But over time, constant use, or debris or broken keys inside the tumblers, may cause this part to fail. If the ignition lock assembly is wearing out, it will display a few common side effects. Such as issues inserting and removing the key, or the car not starting at all. Most modern cars that use keyless remote starting have a key that has a computer chip inside of it. This requires a different type of ignition system.

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It’s always best to refer to your service manual and completely review their recommendations. Before taking on Ignition Replacement San Carlos CA job. If you’ve read instructions and still don’t feel 100% confident in completing repair. Please contact Ignition Replacement San Carlos CA locksmith. To complete the ignition switch replacement for you at your home or office.

A faulty ignition switch on your vehicle can cause several problems. Such as your car stalling and all lights going dark. Or the radio not turning on unless the key is wiggle from side to side. If you have gone through the troubleshooting process. And have confirmed a faulty ignition switch. You will need to replace it or take the vehicle to a repair shop, assuming that it is drive able.

If you choose to replace the ignition switch yourself. You will need to disassemble the steering column and disconnect the airbag to access it. This is not a major task but it does involve removing several small screws. And parts from the different parts of the steering assembly. You will need to disconnect the ground strap on the battery. And make sure it cannot come in contact with the battery while working on this project. A system of coding wires and keeping screws in containers will be helpful. But it is always preferable to contact Ignition Replacement San Carlos CA locksmith.

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The ignition switch, lock cylinder and assembly are prone to failure over the years. Especially if the car has been use as a daily driver. If you suspect that the lock cylinder or tumbler is starting to go bad. Or that your key is starting to act up in the ignition you should replace the cylinder ASAP. The cylinder is easy to change while you can still turn the key in it, as you need to be able to turn the key to remove it.

If you let the cylinder get to the point where you can no longer turn. The key in the ignition you will end up having to replace the entire ignition switch assembly. If your car is equip with an automatic transmission. You will need to remove the steering/gear locking cable. The procedures for this are cover in steps 5-7. But this whole process should do by a professional Ignition Replacement San Carlos CA locksmith.


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