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When you are getting a new remote car key from the auto locksmith, in order to work properly, your technician has to do programming car key. In order to find the services that exactly meet your requirements, you need to know how the key programming process works and what kinds of car keys can be programmed. Our auto locksmiths have years of solid experience with this sort of work, so we are able to deliver you services fast and with the highest level quality.

You can also try to reprogram your car key by yourself, but to avoid any mistakes, it’s better to trust the professional locksmith with this issue.

We offer car key reprogramming for the following type of keys:

  • A fob remote key
  • Transponder key
  • Flip type keys

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Remote Keys Programming

Programming Car Key

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fob remote key is a portable device, which controls various parts of the car. Its main function is to manage the remote-entry system. However, except for locking and unlocking the car some remote keys can also pop the trunk latch, remotely start the ignition of the vehicle, control automatic windows, etc.

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transponder key contains a transponder chip, which allows to start the vehicle. Most of the car keys manufactured after 1995 contain this chip. When you turn the car key in the ignition, the engine control unit sends a signal to the key and will allow the engine to start, if it receives the right signal back. In order for the key to work properly, it involves correct transponder key programming. Also, the cutting of the key should perfectly match your vehicle ignition.

flip key is a type of car key, consisting of a metal key blade and a fob. The metal blade folds in the plastic key fob, which is convenient and allows you to save space. Just like a remote key, the fob of the flip key should be properly programmed in order to perform all the functions.

The car key reprogramming involves setting the “car computer” to a certain radio frequency with a digital identity code. The process may vary depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle. In programming mode the keys are set to send the digital identity code to the car computer. And after it saves the code. Auto Locksmiths in San Francisco provide you high quality car key reprogramming to any type of car keys.

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