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It is really important to hold onto our car keys, but you just don’t realize how much until you lose them. It’s bad enough when you lose the key to your own car. But in this case you can at least count on your insurance company. In the worst situation, if the rental car key lost, you may need additional assistance to get a replacement. Auto Locksmith San Francisco provides a number of automotive services, including car key replacement.

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If your rental company only gave you one set of keys. You must be really upset and frustrated in case you lose them. Especially, if they only have one set. In some cases you may be made to pay additional fees and expenses. If you go about replacing the key the wrong way, you can risk voiding your rental contract, losing your deposit, and being charged additional fees. Although obtaining a new key can sometimes be expensive depending on the vehicle type, it is a simple process.

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You probably have a packet of information when you rented the car. That includes all contact numbers for the rental agency. If you misplaced the keys and are in a safe location like your hotel or at home, look for the direct toll free number for the company. If you lost the keys at a location such as a restaurant or a convenience store, find the number for roadside assistance in the information packet.

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If you have lost rental vehicle keys and call us for a replacement, we will need some information from you. In order to determine which key you require and how we’ll replace it, we will need to know the year, make and model of your car. The car keys of older vehicles don’t require programming, so replacing a standard key is not a long process. Although, the newer models usually use remote or transponder keys, which have electronic chips inside that require programming. So, for these keys to perform all the in-built functions, our automotive locksmith will have to program your new keys to match your car’s frequency.

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